20.07.2014 – The Dreamers Factory

20072014 The Dreamers Factory

Left Look –

Hat // * Cocoroni : meow Hat Pastel Blue @NEW @ TDF // NoSanTa Resident

Hair // Clawtooth: Very Very – Wheat *1L here @ HairFair 2014 // Bubbles Clawtooth

Blush // [ MUDSKIN ]_Anis_Blush1 // Sopha Portal

Teeth // *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Teeth1(tattoo) // Sopha Portal

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Natsu eyes -Dark Blue- *NEW @ Seasons Story July // Keiba Resident

Skin // Enfant—Sleepy Cocori1_W2 @NEW @ TDF  // Sopha Portal

Lips // Enfant—Lip tattoo_Sleepy Cocori6_W1 @NEW @ TDF // Sopha Portal

Lashes // ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown) // suetabulous Yootz

Tattoo // NEO**  Knee tattoo – Jet star – white // Briceneo Resident

Top // (Milk Motion) embroidered tee – nicewords – blue @NEW @ TDF // Marie Lauridsen

Skirt // loveme. blush me skirt / Snow @NEW @ TDF // Callia Pearl

Shoes // Tee*fy Betty Sandals White *NEW @ Seasons Story July // Azure Electricteeth

Birdpop // {Imeka} Bird Cake Pops {7} @NEW @ TDF // NatiWilliams Resident

Hands // Slink Mesh Hand Elegant // Siddean Munro

Feet // Slink Womens Natural Barefeet V2 // Siddean Munro

Pose // (marukin) Lotus [moon] // Valencia Southard


Right Look –

Crown // (fd) Daydream Flowers // Toast Bard

Hair // >TRUTH< Crys w/Roots – seasand // Truth Hawks

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Spirited Eyes -Mandarin Brown- *NEW @ Seasons Story July // Keiba Resident

Skin // Enfant—Sleepy Cocori5_W2 @NEW @ TDF  // Sopha Portal

Lips // Enfant—Lip tattoo_Sleepy Cocori4_W2 @NEW @ TDF // Sopha Portal

Lashes // ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown) // suetabulous Yootz

Dress // Leechouette – fluffy Dream dress (neige) *NEW @ TDF // Linolatina Resident

Ribbon // Leechouette – fluffy Dream ribbon ( lola ) 1 *NEW @ TDF // Linolatina Resident

Shoes // KAO : ankle-strap shoes / pink // Kao Sands

Hands // Slink Mesh Hand Elegant // Siddean Munro

Bracelet // {Imeka} Pearl Bracelet { Rose } *NEW @ TDF // NatiWilliams Resident

Bag // ::{u.f.o}::moon light bag – cloud – pink // charming Meiler

Pose // (marukin) Nana [poupee] *not available // Valencia Southard

Bird // 8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Freckle *NEW @ TDF // 8f8 Resident


The Dreamers Factory opens to the public on the 20th (SLT) and its theme is ‘Summer Daydream‘. There are many lovely items from the various designers there and I’m showing some of them here. Great excuse for me to go all out pastel heehee 😀 Landmark here!




Hair // [monso] My Hair – Nana/ Red // Morphine Janick

Skin // potcha. [F] SKIN ——– HINAKO  // CECILINA Resident

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Natsu eyes *coming soon // Keiba Resident

Lips // JM:Mai skin_dalcom apple // JOMAN Mai

Teeth // *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Teeth1(tattoo) // Sopha Portal

Jacket // *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_SageGreen // cocoro Lemon

Inner // B.C.C Baby Boo icecream *group gift here, 50L to join // vitamingirl Resident

Shorts // (fd) High Waist Cutoffs – Dark Denim // Toast Bard

Knee tatto // NEO** Knee tattoo – band2- Hurt1 // Briceneo Resident

Socks // *BOOM* Cuffed socks white // Aranel Ah

Shoes // **DECO – MESH Hurricane Bolts (orange)** (old arcade gacha item) // GutterBlood Spoonhammer

Pose // (marukin) Light *coming soon to COLLABOR88 here // Valencia Southard


Been debating whether I should get this jacket from *COCO* for the longest time and I finally caved in! It’s gorgeous~ anyway ehem the tongue does not have a brand but the creator is Michiko Bubble and the blush layer is by me.



Ugly Dorothy Bjork large

Skin: Bjork tone1 by MY UGLY DOROTHY, with lip makeup 5

Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Zen eyes *coming soon

Lashes: Beetlebones *mesh

Hair: !lamb. High Friends In Places (Mesh) – Obsidian *collabor88

Top: Ison *old item

Pose: (marukin)

Ugly Dorothy Bin large

Skin: Bin tone1 by MY UGLY DOROTHY, with lip makeup 3

Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Zen eyes *coming soon

Lashes: Beetlebones *mesh

Hair: (fd) Pebbles – Brunette 1 *tinted

Top: Beetlebones –  Mildred baby doll dress in nude

Pose: (marukin)

Ugly Dorothy Ran large

Skin: Ran tone1 by MY UGLY DOROTHY, with lip makeup 8

Mole: Face Mole 2 by MY UGLY DOROTHY *old item

Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Zen eyes *coming soon

Lashes: Beetlebones *mesh

Top: Tee*fy – Baby doll dress in nude

Pose: (marukin)

Tones for skins

Hello and sorry for the image spam first! Here are MY UGLYDOROTHY’s skins for Skin Fair 2014!

Each skin comes in 5 different tones, with eye and lip makeups as tattoo layers. The skins are Bjork, Bin and Ran! Bin and Ran have lovely Asian faces which I love but Bjork has a really unique look about her which makes her my favourite skin from out of the three! I liked how these skins all have pretty thick eyebrows too, reminds me of Cara Delevingne!

Anyway I hope this post did the skins justice! Do check the MY UGLYDOROTHY group inworld for demos and they will be out once Skin Fair 2014 opens!

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

8th Feb 2014

Lookbook 2014

Hair // [e] Over – Brown 04 // Elikapeka Tiramisu

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Dolly eyes -Black- *SOON // Keiba Resident

Lashes (mesh) // ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist black) // suetabulous Yootz

Lips // JM:Mai Skin_ellyn lip&teeth4 // JOMAN Mai

Skin // JM:Mai skin_Ellyn doll // JOMAN Mai

Bag // (Milk Motion) The cat bag -white ** old arcade item // Marie Lauridsen

Sweater // Tee*fy Turtle Neck Basic Sweater Creme  // Azure Electricteeth

Skirt (prim) // Emery – Skirt Blaque , ** old Tdrb // sunami Beck

Shoes // (fd) Platform Cuties – Nude, ** old arcade item // Toast Bard

Hands // Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1 // Siddean Monro

Poses // (marukin) [flambe] // Valencia Southard


Very into nude and pale colours as usual and I dug up an old favourite skin of mine xD~

20th July 2013

17th July 2013

Hair+band // [kik]hair-Connie II (white blonde4) *NEW @ Hair Fair 2013 // as001 Littlething

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Lunar 2 eyes -Earth2- *NEW hunt gift @ TGGS July // Keiba Resident

Lashes (mesh) // ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist black) // suetabulous Yootz

Skin // *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Cat02(Salmon) // Sopha Portal

Blush // [UMEBOSHI] AI Blush -Pinched Pink- *Limited @ TGGS July // Keiba Resident

Top // Tee*fy Basic Knot T-Shirt, past collabor88 // Azure Electricteeth

Skirt // (fd) Messy Skirt w/ Belt – Black, past collabor88 // Toast Bard

Bag // -tb- Tres Blah Tote Bag (old freebie) // Julliette Westerburg

Pinwheel // NEO** Summer Pinwheel – 15 *NEW gacha // Briceneo Resident

Hands+nail // Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1 // Siddean Munro

Feet + nail // Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) // Siddean Munro

Shoes // ISON – leather strap sandals (white) *NEW @ Collabor88 // Harry Hyx

Poses // (marukin) // Valencia Southard

TGGS has opened its doors to its annual anniversary hunt and shopping event! The hunt has all free prizes. The creators and artists of TGGS have new and past items up for sale, so if you missed anything from previous rounds of TGGS, now is the time to get them!!

On a side note, Kik has really pretty hair at Hair fair 2013, I love her blondes ahh~ And please note that these sandals from ISON need slink feet to go with them. Really nice and summer-y too so I got a pair 😀 Toodles~