27th April 2013

26th April 2013 lookbook2

Hair // booN FNQ123 hair chestnut // boo Nakamura

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] *SOON // Keiba Resident

Lashes // [Iren]Lashes_1 // Irischka Hotshot

Lashes (prim) // :: DUTCH TOUCH :: EyeLashes Nr 1 // Iki Ikarus

Lip // (= potcha. female 004 LIPS05 (Tattoo) *NEW // CECILINA Resident

Skin // (= potcha. female 004 skin *NEW // CECILINA Resident

Bag // (Milk Motion) My little leather bag *Yellow flowers* // Marie Lauridsen

Top // REMY-Outfit-3 *Recent release // TheRegular Resident

Tights // -LaViere- Cloud Sheer Leggins Cream/Black // Azure Electricteeth

Shoes // ANEXX_ClassicCreepers_Black // machang Pichot

Poses // ..;;+O-turun+;;.. POSE18 *NEW @ marketplace // ShionOxO Resident



  1. Super Cute! I LOVE REMY!!! & Milk Motion’s floral cute bag goes perfectly with the top! Those curls (hair) adds a quirky look to the complete outfit ;D ❤

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