19th Jan 2013

blog 19th Jan 2013

Hair //-LaViere- Taylor PonyTail and base/PaleBlonde // Azure Electricteeth

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Ren eyes browns black,  *SALE // Keiba Resident

Lashes // [Iren]Lashes_1 // Irischka Hotshot

Lashes (prim) // :: DUTCH TOUCH :: EyeLashes Nr  1 // Iki Ikarus

Skin // {moth} Moth girl No6 – Skin // Daphim Resident

Top // ISON sheer baby blouse sage *past arcade // Harry Hyx

Skirt // [solita] Japanesque Mini Skirt – Mai *Recent release // nene Flores

Shoes // [monso] My Fancy Flat Shoes – Round Cat/ Yellow *past arcade // Morphine Janick

Camera // Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera  Yellow *past arcade // Azure Electricteeth

Pose // (marukin) // Valencia Southard


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