5th April 2012 *updated

Hair // [ 69 ] GISUC – Dark Mocha – // Kumii Yoshikawa

Skin // [YOON SKIN] :: Steffi :: Pale Nat HB // Kitori Yuheng

Blush // [UMEBOSHI] AI Blush -Peach Puff- // Keiba Resident

Eyes // [UMEBOSHI] Vessalius eye -Raven- , (50L Gacha item here) // Keiba Resident

Lashes // :: DUTCH TOUCH :: EyeLashes Nr  1 // Iki Ikarus

Sweater // ::{u.f.o}::kamsahabnida -LB, Lucky board here // charming Meiler

Skirt // .: vive9 :. Lattice Band Skirt in Perfume // Sanya Bilavio

Socks // *BOOM* Cuffed socks white // Aranel Ah

Shoes // Autumn Boot chocolate *Tea Time* // tea Xofan

Bag // Birdy Bag – *Tea Time* // tea Xofan and Eloindir Davi

Poses // (marukin) // Valencia Southard

Hi everyone! I apologise for the repost, there was an error with the original post, with the photos being churned out from my new laptop, so all the graphic settings and everything had not been correctly fixed yet. I want to have pretty pictures so I totally re did this post and added some more stuff!

[YOON SKIN]  just fnished its sale I believe but you should still hop down there to have a look at the skin, I’m still wearing Seffi on a daily basis; I can’t get enough of her pretty lady face!

I thought I would properly feature *Tea Time*‘s  World bags, since I caught myself rezzing all of them and examining them; I really do love the details on these bags and I want a RL version of the bird bag now!

Finally, the sweater from ::{u.f.o}::! If you haven’t got it yet cos lucky boards hate you (like me, I swear, its a curse) make sure you still go down and try to grab it! The store is lovely, and you can play with the free food vending machines downstairs while lucky boarding.

Have fun!


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